Alessio D’Aquino

CEO and co-founder of Vecury, Alessio is a scientist and entrepreneur on a quest to bring digital innovation in the field of physical rehabilitation.

Since the foundation of Vecury in 2019, Alessio plays a pivotal role in the consolidation of the startup by establishing and maintaining partnerships with major stakeholders among healthcare and academia. He is also responsible for Vecury`s financial self-sustainability and growth of the startup who has already attracted funding from governmental institutions in Germany.

After graduating from the University of Edinburgh, Alessio is completing his PhD in Intelligent Systems within the Center for Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC). He developed his expertise as a movement scientist and performance psychologist in some of the top universities in Italy, Sweden, UK, and Germany. Alessio can be described as an inquisitive mind with passion for challenges. “Together with the Vecury team, we are set to create the very first digital health virtual platform in which patients are in charge of the recovery process”.

Rumeysa Gunduz Can

COO & CSO and co-founder of VECURY, Rümeysa is a scientist and entrepreneur being ambitious for combining her psychology and cognitive neuroscience background with the state-of-art technology for the digital innovation in the field of physical rehabilitation.

Rümeysa has been in the VECURY team since the foundation of VECURY in 2019 and taken responsibilities in developing scientific approach of VECURY, being in close contact with clinical partners and organizing clinical trials. In addition to her role as the main scientific figure in the team, she has been continuously improving her skills as a curious entrepreneur and learning more about project management, human resources and marketing for the sustainability growth of VECURY. Moreover, with her love for attention to details, planning and organization; powerful interpersonal skills and strong problem-solving abilities, she has been also having a keen eye on the daily operations of VECURY.

Rümeysa obtained her PhD in cognitive neuroscience of motor action control at Center for Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC), University of Bielefeld. She developed her scientific expertise as a psychologist and cognitive neuroscientist in some of the top universities in Turkey, Denmark and Germany. Currently, she is also engaging in the field of sport psychology and teaching at University of Münster about developing intervention approaches based on psychology and cognitive neuroscience for enhancing the performance in sport settings. “At VECURY, we are creating the digital rehabilitation platform not only with the state-of-art technology, but also with an understanding of how the brain produces movements, how the patients interact with the technology and more importantly what the needs, motives and motivations of the patients during the rehabilitation process.”


Miguel Cienfuegos

CTO and co-founder of VECURY, Miguel is a scientist and entrepreneur striving to produce technological innovations in the field of physical rehabilitation.

Since the team foundation in 2019, Miguel has been the main responsible for shaping the vision of the technological strategy at VECURY, ensuring that the technical resources are aligned with the business needs. He acts as the chief developer and leads the development team behind the design of the product. Alongside his role as CTO at VECURY, Miguel has been accountable to asses the financial risks and opportunities to set and track the business goals, objectives, and budgets for the sustainability and growth of the startup.

Miguel is completing his PhD in Intelligent Systems within the Center for Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) in Germany. He developed his expertise in engineering and computer science working in multinational companies and some of the top universities in Mexico and Germany. “We at VECURY are committed to developing the most cutting-edge digital healthcare platform that delivers  unique experiences to each patient during their rehabilitation process.”


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