Personalized therapy starts with a click

The therapist can log in the Vecury software on the computer and create patients’ personal profiles. Each profile includes full-customizable training plans and summaries of a patient’s recovery progress over the course of therapy.

Training starts easy and quick

The patient can start performing exercises and review recovery progress using VECURY digital platforms installed in the premise. After wearing VECURY VR headset, the patient selects prescribed training routine and receives feedback on the performed exercises.

Data is at the very heart of rehabilitation

VECURY software will make sure that both patients and therapists receive data as the objective and detailed reports of the recovery progress. Data will be used to adjust the difficulty of the exercises based on a patient’s performance during training. Data will also be reviewed anytime by therapists to improve the therapy based on the recovery progress.



Vecury brings top-notch virtual reality technology to rehabilitation. The combination of immersive environments with interactive and personalized interactions create new levels of experience and engagement in patients rarely seen outside a fully supervised rehabilitation setting.


Vecury integrates the latest technology in motion-sensing devices to achieve the highest levels of motion detection in real-time and body tracking during the execution of the training sessions.


VECURY software employs machine learning algorithms to evaluate the training routines performed by the patients. The data is used to keep the best compromise between difficulty and efficiency of the training, and to predict recovery trends.

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