We believe that every individual should enjoy the life the fullest. Our mission is to bring the power of 3D technologies into the field of motor rehabilitation. With virtual reality and motion sensing technologies, we are developing the state of art digital platform which brings to the patient at the center of the rehabilitation process. Patients train more effectively; anytime, anywhere, with their own pace; for the fullest enjoyment of the daily-life, work and leisure activities. We are also providing a reliable and objective tool for the doctors and physiotherapist to work with the patients based on patient’s needs through their recovery progress.


We have been working together for the past 6 years to understand the most important aspect of the life: Movement. Ranging from neural correlates to kinematics to robotic, our aim has been to develop ideas in the field of human motor control as well as to bring these ideas into real-life. This is where we got excited about starting our journey as entrepreneurs implementing the lab knowledge for the real use of the people and make an impact in the lives of people in need.

Universitätsstraße 25

UHG N3-127

33615 Bielefeld, Germany


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